Goa Live Music Coop.

Goa Live Music Coop.

Goa Live Music Coop.

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Places where to go for live music in go

It s possible to find interesting places of music travelling along South Goa.
Baywatch resort located by the sea near Sernabatim. The stage has excellent sound.

North Goa is also music area. Night markets’ stages is open for bands who come to Goa for holidays or for several month. Saturday night market in Arpora is a famous place for live music in North Goa. Actually last season three night markets: Arpora, MackiesNight Market near Baga, and new market in Vagator. The biggest audience could be seen nearby the stage in Arpora.
Night market stage
There’s a new stage for concerts and jam sessions in Marbela Beach restort, Ashwem.

live music
live club music

Indian fusion band usually includes both european and asian musical instruments. The example is Sitar, drums and double bass.

Goa sitar

Saxophone and double bass are rare instrument in India.
It rather difficult to store these instruments during the monsoon
double bass

From time to time good gigs are there, live music is played, and everyone can face wonderful bands from Goa and international Live bands different styles of music including funk, rock-n-roll, blues, jazz