Goa Live Music Coop.

Goa Live Music Coop.

Goa Live Music Coop.

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International Bossa-Nova Connection

There are only acoustic instruments on stage: Maxie Miranda – vocal and guitar, Marino on drums and Philipp on upright double bass. Yes, the band use amplification, but first of all that’s for better sound around, for distant places of the venue. Bossa-Nova is music style with rooth from Brasil.[…]

Musicians for wedding, bands in Goa

The main things to do for musicians who plays on wedding parties are to support good mood by playing music and to entertain people. Some things in playlist, instrumental or with vocal, could be chosen by new-married. Many wonderful evetns of Goa are being held near Arabian sea. It’s a[…]

How to find musicians in Goa

Musicians are glad to have an oportunity to play live gig whereever at the private prty, wedding presentation or celebration. If someone wants to invite a band in Goa – by chance, it could be interesting international band with participation of Goan musicians and those who reside Goa from time[…]

Musician’s life in Goa’2015

There are some very quiet places for practice and rehearsal. That’s very important for professional musicians.It’s difficult to keep real grand piano or acoustic piano in wet climate, that’s why keyboard syntesizers help musicians. Also tigers are used instead of cats. Studio recording with Benoy Rai in Assagao International jamming[…]