Goa Live Music Coop.

Goa Live Music Coop.

Goa Live Music Coop.

News from the stages

Grand piano in Goa

It’s a real difficult to maintain wooden musical instruments in wet climate. That’s why there are not many places with grand piano in Goa. But one of the places is Art Chamber in Calangute, North Goa. Concerts of classical music, acoustis sessions are held here. If there’s not any acoustic[…]

Jam Sessions in Goa

It’s hardly possible to find real jazz jam session but some jazz staff is played when at least four persons start to use jazz language. For example, saxophone, keyboard, drums and double bass. Very famous evergreen jazz classic songs is generally used for head tunes and improvisation. In 2014/15 season[…]

Musician’s life in Goa’2015

There are some very quiet places for practice and rehearsal. That’s very important for professional musicians.It’s difficult to keep real grand piano or acoustic piano in wet climate, that’s why keyboard syntesizers help musicians. Also tigers are used instead of cats. Studio recording with Benoy Rai in Assagao International jamming[…]