Live Music in Goa: International Crossroads

Live music in Goa: united musical cultures meet at this warm place. Goa now is regarded as music crossroad. Musicians who represent different musical cultures are gathered here. It’s easy to meet a person from any part of the world on stage here. The result of this cultural union is fresh musical stuff. Audio and video podcasts reflect the mood of the music, but the best way to feel all thin vibration is to attend live concert. We play gigs at music festivals, concert places of Goa and outside, sometimes – private parties or public events, and even on our balcony. Indian state Goa is a unique place where is good conditions for making music with positive mood and intelligent sound. There are many delightful musicians jammed at one spot filled up the energy of great art.

gig at S.N.M., musical band

international band’s gig at night market



International jamming

The season 2014/15 in Marbela Beach resort was reach for musical events. One of the guests is Giorgio Lazzini – drummer from Itly who resides goa for years.


jazz drummer from goa

fusion music in Goa

indian band

Spirit of Anjuna, an international live gig